Welcome to Naomi's Gift 

Hi my name is Naomi Rose and I am a sweet, caring, fun loving toddler! I hope you enjoy learning more about Auto-immune Neutropenia and how to help others like me.

 Our mission is to share Naomi's gift of kindness and love and educate others about her story and how to advocate for yourself and loved ones.

Naomi's Gift 

Thank you for coming to our page! Naomi's Gift is going to be a place for many resources.  Naomi was born premature at 31 weeks and after spending several weeks in the NICU was thriving and healthy.  At 11 months old she began suffering fevers and though we didn't know the cause, doctors were unable to diagnose her until two weeks later.  It was then we learned she had auto-immune Neutropenia. We also learned the importance of being able to advocate for your child or loved one when they are sick or in need of medical care.  We hope to use this platform and non-profit to educate the public about  disparities in healthcare for minorities through speaking engagements, events and fundraisers.